Supplier management

Your company boasts a high external proportion of value added, as you procure goods and services for your company in international markets. This means the success of your company depends to a large extent on the services of your suppliers. It is therefore all the more important that the ideal design of this supply chain section is ensured by suitable company processes and that the specifications are met.

We have specified the minimum standards for a supplier management system in our self-assessment concept using our web-based tool “SAMS interactive”. Along with your company-specific requirements, you can use these standards together with your employees to design, improve, and finally ensure the implementation of an in-house supplier management system.

Success factors

The factors for a successful supply chain are not simply your company’s requirements in terms of the supply services to be performed, but, above all else, the services which suppliers have actually performed. The development of the phases – 1. “Initiation of supply relationships”, 2. “Establishment of supply relationships”, 3. “Continuous enhancement of the supply relationships”, and 4. “Re-organization of supply relationships” – is decisive as to whether the supply chain contributes towards the success of your company as expected in line with the benchmarks of the total-cost-of-ownership concept. Instruments, such as material group management, supplier (self-)disclosure, supplier assessment and qualification, are methods to achieve savings potentials. The harmonization of interfaces to other management systems (e. g. for risk and quality management) and the utilization of suitable key performance indicators, their systematic analysis, and the resulting improvement plans can also ensure cost savings.

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